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Bernie Winter Seminars
Bernice Winter is an inspiring and active member of the community.  She gives generously of her time and wisdom to anyone willing to learn how to live outside the box, whether the topic is business, spirituality or personal development, Bernice is always willing to help when and where she can.
Bernice Winter Bio

Bernie Winter Seminars
Founded by Bernice in 2002 Bernice has developed and presented thousands of hours of inspiring programs in self-development and condominium.

Condo Check
Founded in 1994, Bernice pioneered the first Condominium Document Review Service for Buyers in North America.

Energy Healing 

 I am Bernice Winter.  I have been in Corporate Canada since 1974 as a business owner, accomplished author, speaker, coach, trainer and columnist.

As a lifelong over-achiever, I have received many accolades and awards. Behind this façade of super-woman was a frightened child who endured neglect, abuse: sexually, physically mentally and verbally.  As a young child, living between abandoned buildings, shelters and relatives, often not knowing if I would ever see my parents or siblings again, fear dominated me. 

I have read, studied, and attended thousands of hours in seminars and workshops in my search to be free of these fears. Although I have experienced success in this quest, I continued to repeat old and destructive patterns.

After applying the teachings of Master Shaman Deborah King, for the first time in my 63 years, the old patterns are no longer interfering and the fear and the dark negative energy that once consumed me is no longer the driving force in my life. I am no longer defined by my corporate persona or ashamed and afraid of my past. I am a woman who is proud of who I am, professionally and personally, who is ready to be seen and heard for who I am.

I look forward to supporting those who are ready to release their fears and know their shadow side so their inner light can shine brightly.


Bernice has been a student of Master Shaman Deborah King since 2013 and is completing level IV as a  Master -in-Training.  Bernice offers energy healing and coaching services. 403-270-3164
In October 2002 Bernice received the Woman of Vision award from Global TV and the YWCA in Calgary in the category of Entrepreneur.

In 2007 Bernice was awarded the Fellow  Award (F.C.C.I.) by the Condominium Institute of Canada for her contribution to the condominium industry of Canada.