Love Your Self  Love Your Life

Bernie Winter Seminars
  1. No time Like the Present
    Are the Best Days of your life yet to come? Are you waiting for the right time, for more money or that perfect opportunity?
  2. Don't miss Your Best Days
    Are you excited to begin each day? The Best Days of your Life are defined by how you feel each day. Don't wait for things to change in the future. Your time is NOW!
  3. Live outside the BOX
    Life is too short to play by the rules. Live by your rules . Join Bernice at Bernie Winter Seminars and live outside the box!
Bernie Winter Seminars (2002)
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Bernice Winter, founder of Bernie Winter Seminars has presented hundreds of seminars to thousands who have learned and implemented her secrets to success.  She delivers a message with goals that everyone can attain.  It is unavoidable.

Each topic is delivered with relevant information and a plan of action that is accessible everyday.  She deals with reality not theory, and the flexibility of her presentation and style makes each event refreshing and interesting.

Her approach is unlike anything else out there. She projects an energy that is centered and fundamental.  Speaking with purpose, her topics are deliberate, personal, challenging and thought provoking.  Experience one of her seminars and you'll leave elated or inspired...either way you won't be indifferent.  She empowers us to recognize our core beliefs and is able to lead us into a new arena of awareness where we can take charge of our lives.

  • Discover a greater understanding of your true capabilities and desires
  • Improve your life by mastering the necessary tools to set your life in the direction you choose
  • Utilize a support system that can help you develop and live your life, and
  • Acquire a well-defined group of techniques, references, and perspectives to support you in being the best you can be!
Bernice M.  Winter
Mother Theresa